Tuesday, November 6, 2012

more trip photos

more photos from our cross-country adventure...
sorry its taking awhile but we took photos on 3 different cameras and I have to pick through it all
more to come!  :)

somewhere in Arizona  

our big beast Bessie...too bad there is a thumb in the photo!!!

really kitschy place in Nebraska

getting silly 

our booth at ART IS YOU - Stamford, CT

we created a tent by painting & doodling on canvas dropcloth

Art Abandonment - this was fun!
we abandoned 2 pieces of art at the retreat
for more info check out Michael deMeng's facebook page

Friday, November 2, 2012

toot toot!

normally I would not toot my own horn
but I am so excited, I had to share...

please look for my newest articles in

and...drumroll please...I got another cover!!!!
I almost peed my pants...

Winter 2013 issue AVAILABLE DECEMBER 1st

thanks for sharing in my fun news...be sure to check out these fab magazines!
They never disappoint with beautiful work by amazing artists.

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