Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm a bad girl, but I'm back!

I'm a bad girl...I really have been slacking when it comes to my blog...
my apologies but I am realizing that during the summer it is almost impossible to get on the computer as there is so much to do elsewhere/outside.

along with everything else we revamped a motorcoach this summer and embarked on a massive cross-country trip for 6 weeks... we just got back.
anyhoo, so much to catch up on!

I have so many fun photos to share that I will probably break it up into several posts
in no particular order...

puppy knew we were leaving
view from my window somewhere in Nebraska 
beautiful blue skies
outside our campground in Wyoming  
me and my sweetie

getting silly

Salt Lake

the Salt Flats
my honey showing off the Grand Canyon

another Bucket List item checked off :)

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