Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dollies & Doggies

I have a thing for old dollies...some like pretty little dollies all sweetness & light, but I prefer ones that are slightly odd, definitely worn & torn and just a tad creepy...

yup...the older, the creepier, the better - in fact I currently have one stashed in my studio that is missing its dear, old head (but I've spared you that pitiful sight until I have properly altered her and then she will make her debut)

this little one is nick-named "blockhead" and lives in an antique glass jar

I also have a thing for old doggies...this little guy makes me smile

I especially enjoy those brightly colored dollies that have been "aged to perfection"...father time is truly an artist

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Antiques, Art & Plants - Oh My!

What a busy holiday weekend it has been so far...we have taken the plunge and opened an antiques shoppe in our barn. It's a cool mix of a bit of this and a bit of that - everything from cabin rustic to shabby chic. We love the hunt and I feel as though I am creating one large assemblage when creating vignettes and displays.

We intend on keeping it a seasonal business, mixing antiques, repurposed old stuff as well as art.

We are also featuring a bevy of beautiful plants that my mother has contributed...a mix of hardy favorites, heirloom plants and unique ones grown from seed.

One man's trash is another man's treasure...here's to an interesting summer filled with my favorite things!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lessons learned along the way...

I just love teaching...I think its in my blood. My parents have been self-supported artists since I was born and for a long time an integral part of their business were workshops & classes. Most of our family trips incorporated these shows/workshops, as they occurred in all parts of the country. So my sister and I were toted along and we gained so much from these adventures. In addition to seeing the various beautiful areas of our great USA, there were so many lessons learned along the way.

Current Workshop Now Available - Can-Can Dolls

We learned to truly appreciate the differences in people - where they lived, how they lived - whether it was high in a skyrise building in a major city or along a dirt road in a tumble-weed town...we learned that differences make the world interesting.

Current Workshop Now Available - Little Books

We learned that everyone has a little artist in them - it just needs to be patiently cultivated.

We learned not to dip your brush in your coffee and not to drink your paint water.

We learned to speak up when necessary.

Current Workshop Now Available - The Magpie

We learned not to panic when a student glues their fingers together.

We learned that if you create from your soul, others will be interested and respond positively.

We learned to be original - there are enough copy-cats in the world.

We learned to share.

Current Workshop Now Available - Project: Peat Pot

We learned to go for it - believe in your ideas & talent.

We learned to always finish (paint/paper, etc) the backside of your art (even if "no one will see it") - it means you truly care about the entire piece and you value the details.

We learned that no one likes to stare at seeping globs of glue - cleaning it up with a quick swipe of a toothpick makes the piece so much better.

Current Workshop Now Available - Oh Baby!

We learned that toothpicks & clothespins are your friend.

We learned that being surrounded by like-minded souls is inspirational & refreshing.

We learned that although the trips were fun, the people were friendly & interesting and the memories were cherished...it always felt pretty darn good to go home.

We learned that we wanted to be artists...we wanted to be teachers.

My sister currently teaches high school art (bless her patient little soul) and I teach mixed media workshops (click on workshop links for more information). I am not sure if this would have been our path if it weren't for our supportive parents and our lessons learned along the way.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival

I am so excited to go to our next show in Massachusetts...it should be great fun and we always meet such lovely people! It is the Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival in West Springfield, MA on June 7th - June 8th in the Eastern States Expo
Please Visit their website www.heirloompro.com for more information
Stop by our booth & say hello - we will have all sorts of NEW TREASURES!

Sugar Fish Collection - Inspiration Packet

Goodies galore...this huge packet ensures hours of creativity!
Includes a large assortment of one-of-a-kind vintage objects, old ephemera, art papers, collage sheets...all specially coordinated with our Sugar Fish Collection.

Grab one at the show or via our online shop - also available for our French Ticking Collection

OOOHHHH! and while you are at it, you MUST visit Absolutely Everything in Topsfield, MA...their name says it all. It is a terrific shop and filled to the brim with cool stuff and Kate is just so wonderful!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Farmyard Daydreams

I want baby goats. I know, an odd opening line for my first blog entry...but I have decided to jump right in with wild abandon and try to utilize this forum as a place to unload my mind - the good, the bad, the odd, the weird, etc and right now I want baby goats. I have been thinking about them on and off ever since I snuggled the sweetest girl at a farmers market 2 years ago. She was tiny, friendly and had a small pink collar. Her bleeting was like music to my ears and I wanted to scoop her up and take her home to my barn. We are very fortunate to have a large barn and other than the uninvited mice that scurry through from time to time, its very lonesome.

Spring 2008 - my mother snuggles up to this beautiful baby at our local farmers market

I adore animals of all shapes and sizes but "typical" farmyard animals that some take for granted hold a special place in my heart. Although we are surrounded by beautiful farmland, we only own a 1 1/2 acre plot stuck right in the middle, so large animals are out of the question. But baby goats, chicks and some Angora rabbits would fit the bill and soothe my craving to nurture and raise.

I have been obsessed with homesteading lately. Perhaps its the Spring rush for newly hatched chicks, seed packets, etc but I think it is actually my natural homebody inclinations. There is something so satisfying about using what you have and working the land. I can just imagine collecting fresh eggs and Angora fiber (a completely painless/actually enjoyable brushing of Angora rabbits), harvesting fruits and vegetables and perhaps even trying my hand at making goat's milk cheese...for some it probably seems like just a lot of work, but it all sounds like pure heaven to me.

For now I must be satisfied by my memories, trips to the farmers market and farmland daydreams. But perhaps by next Spring...
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