Friday, May 23, 2008

Lessons learned along the way...

I just love teaching...I think its in my blood. My parents have been self-supported artists since I was born and for a long time an integral part of their business were workshops & classes. Most of our family trips incorporated these shows/workshops, as they occurred in all parts of the country. So my sister and I were toted along and we gained so much from these adventures. In addition to seeing the various beautiful areas of our great USA, there were so many lessons learned along the way.

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We learned to truly appreciate the differences in people - where they lived, how they lived - whether it was high in a skyrise building in a major city or along a dirt road in a tumble-weed town...we learned that differences make the world interesting.

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We learned that everyone has a little artist in them - it just needs to be patiently cultivated.

We learned not to dip your brush in your coffee and not to drink your paint water.

We learned to speak up when necessary.

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We learned not to panic when a student glues their fingers together.

We learned that if you create from your soul, others will be interested and respond positively.

We learned to be original - there are enough copy-cats in the world.

We learned to share.

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We learned to go for it - believe in your ideas & talent.

We learned to always finish (paint/paper, etc) the backside of your art (even if "no one will see it") - it means you truly care about the entire piece and you value the details.

We learned that no one likes to stare at seeping globs of glue - cleaning it up with a quick swipe of a toothpick makes the piece so much better.

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We learned that toothpicks & clothespins are your friend.

We learned that being surrounded by like-minded souls is inspirational & refreshing.

We learned that although the trips were fun, the people were friendly & interesting and the memories were always felt pretty darn good to go home.

We learned that we wanted to be artists...we wanted to be teachers.

My sister currently teaches high school art (bless her patient little soul) and I teach mixed media workshops (click on workshop links for more information). I am not sure if this would have been our path if it weren't for our supportive parents and our lessons learned along the way.

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  1. The can can dolls are really awesome, what a great idea! I love all the altered items.


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