Thursday, April 28, 2011

not much time left!

time is flying by and soon it will be summer...
photo courtesy of AitR instructor Kecia Deveney
don't miss out on a very unique experience of funky art & friendship
JULY 29 - AUG 1, 2011
photo courtesy of AitR instructor Kecia Deveney
we will explore new techniques, celebrate simple pleasures &
create beautiful art...
all in beautiful Maine.

Read beautiful blog posts from attendees of last year's event
in addition to creating great art, we are going to celebrate
our love of junking & antiques!
the barn will be chock-full of goodies for shopping and
on Saturday night there is a good old fashioned country auction!

there are very few spots left so REGISTER soon
we hope to see you at the festivities!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

 For I remember it is Easter morn,
And life and love and peace are all new born.
~Alice Freeman Palmer

Wishing you & yours a joyous Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


wanted to share a pic of a new little adventure...
growing our own mushrooms!
for my bday I was given a super simple kit to give it a try
if all goes well, we intend on expanding our mushroom growing to other varieties as well
have you recently tried something new?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

on a roll

I have been obsessed with upcycling papertowel and toiletpaper rolls for a couple years now...
it all started with a little post on one of my fave blogs mayamade - check it out here

ever since I have made all sorts of artsy goodies with them but this spring I decided to explore another idea I've seen floating around - as seedling pots!

so simple to do:
you can get 2 pots from a TP roll and approx 4 pots from a paper towel roll...if you start quite a bit of seedlings you will need alot of rolls but enlist your friends & family to save them for you!  It feels good to recycle and everyone gets a kick out of handing us our rolls when we see them.

1.  Cut your rolls with a hefty pair of scissors.  This does not need to be perfect but if you want every roll to be exactly the same size then you could always measure & mark before cutting.

2.  Once they are cut down to size, make 4 evenly spaced slits on one end.  The slits need to be approx the same length around 1-1.5" but again no need to be perfect.

3.  Fold each slitted piece down and ensure it will be a good solid bottom.

4.  Once happy with the fold, make a box bottom and then take a small piece of masking tape to secure.  I have seen these done without tape with just a overlapping box bottom but it was too fussy for me.

5.  Make a BUNCH - perfect for unwinding at night in front of the tv.

6.  Once all your seedling pots are gathered, place in a seedling tray and pot them up w/ your fave seedling mix.   Water from below by pouring room-temp water into your seedling tray.  The pots wick up the water perfectly.  Germinate & grow your seeds according to their needs.

7.  Watch grow, tend to them & enjoy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Make It Happen

it was recently my birthday and I received a wonderful sentiment that was beautiful and inspiring.  so much so that it has inspired a painting that I have just begun
perhaps it will bring meaning to you as well and I wanted to share...

You are the author of your own life.
It's up to you to dream it,
imagine it, sketch it, shape it,
build it, go after it,
and make it happen.

And then color it in
with bright, shining
shades of joy
and deep, lasting
shades of meaning
that are yours
and yours alone.

No one else may know
the dreams you dream
or the strengths
you have within you
that will help you make
your dreams come true.

No one else needs to.
Because they are yours.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

we are all fools here in Maine

April Fools that is...

just when the piles had melted, the grass was greening, the spring bulbs were sprouting, the days were becoming mild...mother nature had a little trick up her sleeve
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