Saturday, April 16, 2011

on a roll

I have been obsessed with upcycling papertowel and toiletpaper rolls for a couple years now...
it all started with a little post on one of my fave blogs mayamade - check it out here

ever since I have made all sorts of artsy goodies with them but this spring I decided to explore another idea I've seen floating around - as seedling pots!

so simple to do:
you can get 2 pots from a TP roll and approx 4 pots from a paper towel roll...if you start quite a bit of seedlings you will need alot of rolls but enlist your friends & family to save them for you!  It feels good to recycle and everyone gets a kick out of handing us our rolls when we see them.

1.  Cut your rolls with a hefty pair of scissors.  This does not need to be perfect but if you want every roll to be exactly the same size then you could always measure & mark before cutting.

2.  Once they are cut down to size, make 4 evenly spaced slits on one end.  The slits need to be approx the same length around 1-1.5" but again no need to be perfect.

3.  Fold each slitted piece down and ensure it will be a good solid bottom.

4.  Once happy with the fold, make a box bottom and then take a small piece of masking tape to secure.  I have seen these done without tape with just a overlapping box bottom but it was too fussy for me.

5.  Make a BUNCH - perfect for unwinding at night in front of the tv.

6.  Once all your seedling pots are gathered, place in a seedling tray and pot them up w/ your fave seedling mix.   Water from below by pouring room-temp water into your seedling tray.  The pots wick up the water perfectly.  Germinate & grow your seeds according to their needs.

7.  Watch grow, tend to them & enjoy!

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  1. You are amazing. Always teaching us something new. Thank you.


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