Saturday, May 30, 2009

shall we go, you and I, while we can?

Treat yourself to a fabulous event filled with creativity and friendship. Below are some photos of the workshops I will be teaching at Art Is You - Taking Tea with Alice, in Cromwell CT in October

Whimsical, unique charms in a snap! We will create a whole bunch o’ charms, adding paint, paper, found objects & fibers. The charms are perfect for jewelry or extra bling on cards, collage, art dolls & more. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!

Dust off that forlorn & forgotten dolly or teddy and create an amazing 3-dimensional shrine! Adding paint, paper, found objects & fibers, we will play with scale & proportion as we push the boundaries in this sculptural project.

Cloth Baby Book Purse - The easiest purse you’ll ever make! We will take discarded soft cloth baby books and create easy-sew purses. Each cloth book is slightly different – they come in many shapes - but this makes each handbag unique. We will explore the varied looks you can achieve with this technique, as we deconstruct and sew into charming handbags. Adding bits & bobs, fun fibers and a funky handle complete the look.
**Featured in HAUTE HANDBAGS Spring 2009 Issue**

YUMMY! We will create a whimsical cupcake pincushion in a vintage tin – no sewing required. No cupcake would be complete without the toppings – go nutty with paint, glitter, sequins, beads & baubles to create fabulously funky pins. This project can be created to be soft & shabby or with juicy, saturated colors - whatever your mood. The perfect sweet addition to your studio or sewing room!

In this class we will make two secret book shrines. Use this little book as a secret shadowbox, to store your fave ATCs or treasured trinkets, as a gift, etc. The possibilities are endless when adding your favorite small 3D collage elements. Super sweet & simple to make!

I was so delighted to be asked to host the Coronation of Alice - a very special evening event for Full Conference registrees.
Perhaps you are a bit demure…or maybe you boldly declare, “I am Queen”…in this class we will embark into a fantasy world where teacups are hats (or are the hats teacups?). Adding paint, paper & embellishments we will create whimsical, wearable altered sculptures.

Are you Alice, a Queen of Hearts, a Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, or Jabberwock?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pure bliss

antiques, junk and plants...oh my!
busy bees are we, creating in our studios, running our new shoppe, potting up fresh plants for sale and working the land...wanted to share a few photos

the inspiration and exhilaration of new gardens, meeting new people, giggling over new finds from local country auctions...

it has been pure bliss

Saturday, May 23, 2009


our antiques shoppe is now humming and we have uncovered so many artsy treasures along the way, I had to share some of our newest finds now available in our Junk Shoppe - get creative!

OLD TINS - Many Styles to choose from



MORE TINS - big, small, short, tall - Alter me!

OLD CHILDREN'S BOOK PAGES - Mother Goose - Fab graphics & text

BILLIARD BALLS - pint sized cuties, wonderful in assemblage

and MUCH, MUCH MORE...check us out for weird & wonderful art supplies!
Secure Shopping Cart - We accept check/money order, Paypal, Visa, M/C, AMEX, DISC

Friday, May 15, 2009

studio days

aaaah, bliss...
for the last few days I have been able to grab a few hours here and there to clean, organize and artfully decorate my studio.
I have taken my disorganized stashes of fabric and cleaned, folded and sorted by color - they are now stacked in old suitcases, on chippy china platters and old tole painted trays. I am very happy with the results as they now call to me to create. Elevating them and celebrating the various textures & colors makes them irresistible, like candied confections.

I have added a comfy seating area next to some large, white bookcases we found at an old barn sale. I have filled them with art & music books, junky treasures and whimsical artsy items. My mood wall is ever-changing as I am always adding bits of inspiration to it.

I am hoping to complete the transformation today...I will be sure to share some photos soon

Thursday, May 7, 2009

crazy, scary times

I've missed blogging so...but I have been MIA for awhile
I am trying to make time for myself - even if its just a teeny bit every day - but lately it has been just impossible.

Crazy Time - busy doesn't describe the full-tilt workload my hubby and I have taken on in the last 2 weeks. We had so much to do for our grand opening of our antiques shoppe (which went really well), expanding our plant stand for the year, blah, blah, blah...too much to describe. Painting shoppe signs, hauling loads of antique goodies, helping our dealers... I thought we would be buried in the mountains of "to do lists" LOL

Scary Time - our sweet, loveable, simply wonderful doggie has been very sick. His decline was so rapid and has been heartbreaking - one day he simply refused to eat his food (this guy LOVES to eat), by nightfall he was limping and by the next day we felt 2 tumors on his hind legs and one on his cheek. After numerous tests w/ the exception of checking for cancer, our vet did not have high hopes but thought there was a slight chance of infection and he has been on antibiotics for a week now. The first couple of days he actually got worse - tumors grew bigger and he moped around the house, mostly laying around. We brought him back to the vet for an emergency steroid shot. It perked him up. He seems to be doing better now and our fingers are crossed that the antibiotics are doing their thing. Everyone keeps telling me not to get my hopes up, but I will be crushed & grieving no matter what and I wonder...what is wrong with hope?
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