Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Art Is You

Don't Miss Out on THE East Coast Art Event - Wonderful workshops, shopping and don't forget the flim-flam!

Featuring east coast artists with a few non east coast artists thrown in because of their extraordinary talents, fabulous sense of fun and their belief in this event. The aim of this event is for participating artists to come together to create, self nourish, replenish personal creative resources and to nurture not only individual souls but the souls of those around them. The days are filled with Workshops, Vendors, Exhibition, Challenge and many non scheduled opportunities to create. Whether creating something is part of your daily routine or indeed the closest to creating has been using a glue stick - there is something for everybody.

Classes Available

Project Peat Pot - Treat Cup, Luminaria, Art Doll

Using some paint and bits of paper & fiber, we will transform the humble peat pot into beautiful art! In this class, we will be making 3 mini projects - create an adorable treat cup, a translucent luminaria and a fabulous art doll. Be amazed at how quickly and easily you can create these charming pieces of art!

Recycled Can Art Doll

We will smash and shape empty tin cans to create a fabulous art doll – we will discuss and play with scale & proportion as we push the boundaries in this sculptural project. You will be shown how to give life to blank doll parts using paint, paper and fiber. Adorable accessories complete the look. Please note: examples show boy and girl versions…we will concentrate on completing one doll, however, you will be provided with enough supplies to do both. Who knew recycling could be so much fun?

Little Books
2 Little Altered Books – 2 ½” x 3 ½”, 2” x 2 ½”
The simplest book you’ll ever make – the small size is so much fun to work with! In this class we will walk through all the steps to make 2 little altered books. Working with all sorts of mixed-media like paint, paper, rubber stamps, fabric/fiber – you can customize into all sorts of themes – Needle/Notions Book, Mini ATCs Book, Tiny Photo Album, Tiny Journal, an Ornament, a necklace Pendant. These are absolutely adorable and the ideas are endless. Warning: These are addictive!

Do you collect bits of things? Are you attracted to shiny, rusty, glittery, vintage, chippy objects? What about bits of fluff or fiber? If someone else’s trash is your treasure, then you’ll love this project! Create a 3-dimensional sculpture that captures the essence of the ultimate recycler, the magpie.
For each person the magpie can represent a different thing…in this class you will create 3 birds which you will collage and alter. For my example, I wanted each bird to represent 3 things I personally value - ART, EARTH, LOVE. Each bird has “collected” found objects that capture these values.
You can then choose to connect them into one large sculpture (like the example) or keep them as separate smaller works of art. The beauty of this project is that you can create an individual bird in flight or a whole flock!

Oh Baby - Altered Baby Shoe Art Doll
We will create a whimsical art doll by altering a baby shoe. Using paint, paper and fiber an everyday shoe becomes a piece of art. Example utilizes a vintage baby image, but you can make your shoe into any type of doll - the possibilities are endless!
You will never look at old shoes the same way again…

This wonderful art event is filling up quickly - register today!

THE East Coast Art Retreat
10-13 OCTOBER 2008


  1. Cute, cute, cute! Love the magpie...identify strongly with him...if it's shiny...I'm there. LOL. Great projects and congrats on the article in Somerset!



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