Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Art Hunger

without fail, every year, I find myself positively ravenous for art and inspiration

when the tree and ornaments have been put away, the holiday guests are gone and the fresh new year has arrived
I take a deep breath, put on a new pair of comfy slippers, snuggle up with my dogs and devour every art, decorating and gardening book or magazine I can get my hands on. I literally stuff myself full of eye candy like a greedy child.

When I've finished every one cover to cover...my eyes bleary, my mind racing with inspiration and anticipation...I begin a fresh journal for the new year jotting down my ideas and thoughts with little sketches and doodles

A few years ago I used to feel somewhat guilty in partaking in this yearly ritual - was I being selfish and downright gluttonous spending so much time with my muse, gleefully flipping pages? But I've realized over the years that...

art is the culmination of inspired moments

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