Thursday, February 26, 2009

faithful companions

I was able to capture a few adorable pics of our two children and had to share. They have touched our lives so deeply and we are honored to share our home with them. Complete trust, no judgments, faithful &

My big boy
Michael J. enjoys trying new foods, swimming, playing ball and a good belly scratch.
In case you are wondering, yes - his namesake is Michael J Fox (although not originally intended, it just sorta worked out that way). He also likes to be called Jaybo, Mikey, Stinkbo, Fatbo, Jay-Willikers and my personal favorite Jaybo-Baggins.

My sweet girl
Lily enjoys playing in the snow, barking at tractors & plows, cuddle time and snuffles on her sweet smelling head (I swear it smells like candy). Her namesake is after a beautiful cultivar of the Epimedium plant called 'Lilafee'. She also likes to be called Lil, Fee, Lily-pants, Lila-foof and Foofy.


  1. funny! Our cats each have about 5 - 6 assorted names as well. LOL. Your babies are cuties.


  2. awwww.....michael j. and lily are adorable!


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