Tuesday, August 11, 2009

country junkin'

my hubby and I went on a little jaunt this past weekend to enjoy some country food and good old fashioned junkin'
we scored all sorts of goodies

I couldn't pass up these old paper mache cake circles and am excited to share my artsy plans for them...more to come

the machinist chest is gorgeous

old milk and soda caps galore

funky old souvenir pillows

rusty goodness

old tins - large, small, tall and check out that huge clothespin

we'll put some of these finds in our antiques shoppe and some in our art supply online store

but the old wire doll bed? that's mine o' mine - I'm in love...


  1. All cool things indeed...but the old wire doll bed...ahhhhh, how cute is that. A keeper indeed! :D

    yapping cat

  2. okay i want the machinist chest and the keys and, and and,
    what a great haul...


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