Saturday, February 20, 2010

baby girl

i am meeting the newest addition to our family today - my mom's tiny sweet baby girl

the pictures are terrible but i squealed just the same and had to share (i will post much better ones later)

i am so happy for my mom as i know she has been quite sad - we lost our kitty to old age on christmas day and 3 other pets in the last 4-5 years - so the house that was bursting to the seams with animal goodness had become very quiet.

baby girl came to my mom on Valentines day - not as a gift but an unexpected chance meeting - my parents were on vacation in Florida and went to a farmers market and there she was. a few phone calls to the airline, some quick coordinating and baby girl was scooped up & whisked to Maine. it was meant to be.

so today i can't wait to revel in
snuffling her little head & her tiny cold nose, watching her bouncy prance, smelling her puppy breath and snuggling in for lots & lots of cuddles

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