Friday, March 12, 2010

bzzzzzzzy and bustling

we have been bzzzzzzzzy bees
many new and expanded things in the works - very hard work but so exciting!

we have been bustling around our studios creating a fabulous new collection of unique artful kits - I am gaga over these and can't wait to unveil them. We intend on premiering them at the Art Opera event in Red Bank, NJ (very cool event - check it out!)

we have been bustling around our barn expanding our antiques shoppe - last year was a great success and we have added a bunch of new dealer spaces. Signing/coordinating dealers, cleaning, organizing, decorating & setting up displays will be the majority of our April (the shoppe re-opens on May 1st).

we have been bustling on goodies, gifties, surprises for Art in the Rough - the art retreat we host, taking place August 13-16, 2010. sewing, painting, gluing, junking, has been a blast (but so much still to do!)

and last but not least...we have been bzzzzzzzzy planning garden improvements, starting seeds, expanding/improving our plant house (we sell perennials, annuals & veggies all summer long).
we have been officially bitten by the bug - Spring Fever is very strong in this house right now

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