Thursday, April 15, 2010


wanted to share some pics of a few goodies I brought home with me from our recent trip to New Jersey

very cool mannequin arm
not sure if its plaster or what but I love it and can't wait to do something with it
(in the background you can see a peek at my hubby's very first "make & take" class -he made it just for me which was ultra-sweet! our neighbors at the vendor faire - Popalicious - were very kind and walked him through it)

some goodies from Summerhouse, Point Pleasant Beach NJ
I was intrigued by this doll as somewhere along the way a dapper man's head was added to a very female is weird & made me giggle so I had to take it home to join my other bizarre & creepy dolls

such a sweet little nest - another find from Popalicious

I love, love, love this cool old art watercolor tin from Kecia
and some yummy stitched crepe paper in one of my fave colors

okay so the next thing I am going to share did not come from the Jersey trip - I got it a few weeks ago from our favorite country auction right here in Maine but didn't have time to share until now



when I saw this my heart skipped a beat - I got so many strange looks when I bid and won this little crazy beauty
apparently no one appreciated her like I did, which was great for me - 5 bucks and I was grinning from ear to ear

my handy hubby just rewired it for me so its safe to I need to find the perfect little shade...

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