Saturday, May 8, 2010

another season

our antiques shoppe has opened for the season and its been so wonderful thus far...our dealers have been fabulous, we've grown and have a great mix of stuff
we meet so many interesting folks and we are surrounded by inspirational goodies - hubby runs the shoppe and does a great job & we have a lot of fun

love this old cutlery

adorable Faux Bois mugs

it may no longer work but this antique sewing machine is a great decorative touch

oddball signs are fun

this room is filled with items perfect for a lodge or cabin feel

I have such a fondness for metal picnic baskets

vintage music sheet booklets - such great names and images

americana corner

such a cheery display with touches of my fave color - yellow!

retro Maine linen

I adore the little red shelf and stacking luggage in this booth

this booth is chock-full of vintage linens and I LOVE the bassinet!

shabby, pretty little things

this chair makes a grand statement - the aged velvet is yummy!

wonderful tins, boxes, bottles fill this booth

goodies galore!

I am coveting the aqua plant stand and vintage paint by number...

and this zinc-lined planter and chippy garden statuary...

and this old milk chest and name plate...

its tough to resist buying it all up! :)

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