Monday, September 6, 2010

apple pie, part 1

my favorite season is upon us - cozy sweaters, bonfires, crunchy leaves and of course APPLES!

my mom, sister and i started a family tradition a few years ago - we set aside a full day and make apple pies
we work together assembly line style and crank out many, many pies...chatting and giggling along the way...then we freeze them and split them between us.  We call them utility pies (although they are much prettier then it sounds) because they are at the ready to enjoy throughout the winter.  We also bake one off immediately to enjoy & celebrate our efforts.

this year my sister was unfortunately sick on apple pie day which bummed us out BUT our apple pie army grew to include my dad, my uncle and my nana & grandpa

our adventure began in the orchard...
we needed ALOT of apples
my parents mini dachshund joined in the fun
her name is Daytona but we call her "Stick o' Butter"  (and our pup is Tub o' Butter)...don't ask...we are weird, I guess :)

after the recent storm we knew that drops would be perfect (and much less expensive)

we searched for good pie-making apples and crunched on some yummy Macintosh along the way

we walked and searched the rows of trees brimming with fruit
the air was crisp & the sun was shining - aaaahhhh - perfect!

the weather was beautiful and the orchard had so many wonderful country sights to see

a new friend

pumpkins of every shape, size and color

live folk music at the farm - hubby & must go and check this out

I just love these - warts & all

it took 2 of us to haul our harvest

stay tuned for part 2 - Making the Pies

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