Friday, January 14, 2011

super simple project

I had a mission over the holiday season to give A LOT of handmade gifts - my studio was bustling with all sorts of fun things...stitched felt goodies, jewelry, folk yarn balls, mixed media ornaments, pet toys & beds, a huge mixed media painting and more
It was so busy that I didn't find time to blog about 'em...but I also didn't want to spoil the surprises

So now that the cats are out of the bags, I am going to play some catchup.  Most were not holiday themed and are projects that are great anytime of year.  My faves are using simple everyday items and/or upcycled items

Super Simple Dog Pull Toy
simple project - you will need a pair of scissors and a few clean tshirts or jersey knit shirts ready to be recycled
great for toy, small and medium dogs

STEP 1 - cut out the main fabric areas of your recycled shirts (remove seams, button/zipper areas, etc)
cut into strips approx 1.5" wide and 10-15" in length - these do NOT need to be perfect
great relaxing, mindless thing to do in front of the TV

STEP 2 - choose 3 strips - varying colors

STEP 3 - knot one end - again it doesn't have to be perfect
pull the knot very tightly
STEP 4 - you will need 3 knotted bundles - repeat Steps 2 and 3

STEP 5 - secure the knotted end of one bundle and braid tightly
you can secure the knot by taping to a flat surface or clamping
I prefer clamping between my knees

STEP 6 - when you reach approx 1.5-2" from the end,
stop braiding and tie a knot - pull it very tightly

STEP 7 - repeat step 6 two more times
you can trim the ends if you'd like

STEP 8 - take two of the braids and knot the end together - pull it very tightly

STEP 9 - take the third braid and knot its end to the other two - pull it very tightly

STEP 10 - secure the large end knot and then braid the 3 braids together, pulling tightly
when you reach approx 2" from the end, repeat steps 8 and 9

STEP 11 - PLAY! with your favorite Pup

*my doggie LOVES these - pull, jump, run, chew
there will be some fraying and tearing if your doggie loves to gnaw on the knots as much as mine does but they are so easy to make that I simply replace any that are too forlorn...make a bunch!

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