Thursday, January 12, 2012


it has been awhile...sorry about that.
every year around thanksgiving time I begin to "shut-down"
It is not depression or lack of sun, it is I think exhaustion
a need for deep decompression

original art by Taryn Reece - available for purchase at PRIM NEST
I actually look forward to this time of year as I can snuggle into my warm home with warm food, good books, good movies, good sleep and lots of studio time

original art by Taryn Reece - available for purchase at PRIM NEST
although my mind and body may shutdown during the holidays, come mid-January I seem to "wake up"
and my mind is on fire with ideas and projects and to do's
everything from new workshop ideas, submitting articles to Somerset to painting my dining room and picking which fruit trees to plant in mind is now going a mile a minute and the lists keep growing!  are you a listmaker?  I love my lists!  poor hubby's eyes get wide with all my energetic ideas :)

so anyway, I AM AWAKE
and I look forward to another year sharing ideas, thoughts, art and dreams with you

p.s. I was so psyched at christmas to receive 2 more very handy tools for my kitchen in support of my effort to homestead...a pressure-cooker and a really good food processor!  woo hoo!!

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  1. so glad to see you back at the blog!!! Hope that creative time has produced some tempting classes/workshops for Art-is-you. I do love house projects of all sorts....hint hint hint.


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