Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a hole in our hearts

I am sad today
we have lost a very good friend

yesterday our sweet boy lost his brave battle with lymphoma

we cried until our eyes were swollen and hurting
today I woke up this morning and for a split second thought it was just a nightmare - grief can play mean tricks on the mind
we are numb from the pain

words can't express the hole in our hearts and in our home
he was a wonderful, joyful soul and we are so grateful to have had his companionship over these last 8 years


  1. T-
    I'm so sorry that you lost such a loving member of your family. His years spent with you were very happy and he knew he was loved. My hearts breaks for your loss.

    PS - I always tell Sushi that he has to live forever because I can't imagine him not being there when I wake up.

  2. It's my first vistit here.. and I just read this and had to say.. I'm so so sorry for you loss.
    We have two puppy that are also a part of our family. I know how extremly sad I would be without them. hugs

  3. so sorry. big lump in throat right now for you guys.

  4. We love all of gods creatures but a dog is the most faithful and forgiving and devoted of them all(my opinion). We too have lost a beloved boy to cancer. It is never easy and you will always have a part of your heart gone with him. The memories will make you happy. Know that he will always be with you. He will let you know.
    So sorry for your loss. We hurt with you and hope to ease your pain.
    You are in our prayers.


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