Thursday, June 25, 2009

psychedelic rain

tired of all the rain, humidity and overall grey tones of the landscape
don't get me wrong I actually enjoy a storm once in awhile - the smell of soil after an intense rain, the fog floating over the is quite beautiful
but I am itching for HOT HOT SUN and HOT HOT COLORS - to quote Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka
I want it and I want it now!!

since my whining will not help, I decided it was up to my imagination to make my dull, grey scenery into a silly, psychedelic place

so in my mind...

we can frolick in grass that is vibrant aqua or sit under shady old trees of majestic purple

we can hop, skip & jump into puddles of color, kicking up rainbows

we can caress & smell the flowers that vibrate with shocking intensity

aaaah, to live in my imagination...

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