Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my sweet boy

cancer is such an evil word...it sends shivers up my spine
my poor boy has been diagnosed with lymphoma and it makes my heart break
hubby is at the vet's now for an oncology consult
we were referred to a specialist to see what options we have for treatment and quality of life

we were unsure at first - dogs are so innocent & pure and how could we make him endure chemo, feeling ill without knowing that we are trying to help
our only experience with chemo was with my hubby's mother who battled for years but sadly passed away from cancer

with more research we discovered most dogs respond well with few side-affects...so this agonizing roller-coaster ride of diagnosis has led us to today

I am on edge, waiting to hear what the plan is
why is it that no matter how awful a situation, it helps to feel like you have a plan? it seems to soothe the mind
the unknown, the unplanned is so frightening

you will never find a sweeter pup
he is a cuddler who adores smooches
he is our best friend, he is our family

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  1. My thoughts are with you. I had to put my baby teeny tiny poodle of 16years to sleep one week before Christmas this past year, my heart still aches for him. Good luck...


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