Friday, December 4, 2009

holiday home

i invite you to take a peak
some glimpses of our holiday home

living room - woodsy greens, browns and rustic reds

our cabinet of curiousities contains all sorts of odd stuff

rustic twig easels and art by friends
the little altered book was done by Pamela Huntington - love it!

we collect old Boy Scout stuff - books, silverware, etc
little boys' toys - the scout canteen was my father-in-law's and the toy truck was my hubby's

eye-spy a silly photo
a few years ago we were the Fonz & Pinky Tuscadero for halloween
it cracks me up so i keep it around

my mother made this santa when i was just a baby - it gives me comfort and memories of christmas past

dining room - creams, soft blues and greens, silver

vintage suitcases, found nests, old cloches and glass glitter objects
aaaaah and my favorite part of my dining room - the natural light - it simply glows during the day

blown-glass birdie nesting in a centerpiece

my goodie shelf - its large, vintage milky blue and I love it
everything from paintings to old books to milkglass to jumbo shell buttons to garden statuary to mercury glass to shells & rocks finds it way here - whatever inspires me with its shape or color or special memory gets tucked into the mix

this past summer i created an assortment of tiny bottled terrariums and enjoyed watching them flourish
they are very easy to care for - every 3 weeks or so they need a little dribble of water then they are sealed back up

kitchen - vintage brights - cherry red, aqua, black

old dollies dressed up for christmas

old-fashioned popcorn and cranberry garland for our birdtree
we have started a tradition of creating a tree outside for the birds - seed ornaments, popcorn/cran garland, peanut butter & seed stuffed pinecones

love vintage stuff with a "creep factor" - wanna cookie? - ho ho ho

our doggie area by the backdoor
old children's chairs fashioned into feeding bowls, aprons, stockings and my collection of vintage doggie figurines

did i mention i like creepy-vintage? this guy fits the bill - his eyes and buttons light up with an eery glow


  1. What great vignettes! Thanks for posting these.

  2. loved the holiday tour! i just bought a boy scout compass the other day at the flea for dillon's stocking! loved all your vintage goodies and your Santa made by momma is truely the best decoration - first prize!


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