Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i have been sewing and embroidering like crazy lately
little hand-stitched trinkets, fabric collages, tiny embroidered samplers

i have also officially caught the knitting bug
as the needles click and clack and the fiber eye-candy stream and wind its way across my lap
i wonder why i waited so long to learn

but i digress...I wanted to share one of the many projects flying around my studio
these small little stitched beauties are quick and so satisfying

our studio has many images available in our Stitchies Kit
the images are printed on 100% cotton muslin and it sews beautifully
click here to check out our Stitchies Kits - SILLY BIRD and SMARTY PANTS

I start by peeling the protective backing from the fabric, then cut up some images
some I cut like little pillows/sachets, while others I cut after stitching close to the contours of the image

I hand-sew little embellishments or decorative stitches/embroidery
then whip it through the sewing machine, leaving a small opening for stuffing

stuffing the stitchies - be creative!
stuff with fragrant herbs/dried potpourri for sachets (I did one with lavender from my garden and its YUMMY!)
stuff with catnip for a truly unique cat toy - my studio kitties love 'em and I am doing this as gifts for all of my cat-lover friends this holiday

other ideas: use in fabric collages, add a small found object base to your stitchie, hang your stitchie as an ornament or angel

sew the opening closed - TA DA! you now have a bunch of adorable stitchies to enjoy


  1. WOW-I just love these sewn image softies!! I am going to check out the store on break. I'm so glad I found your blog-I've long admired your art! Thank you for sharing,

  2. update: my kitty luca ( ) loves his mousie stichie that was given to him over the holidays.. all he could meao was, "yum!"... :)


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