Friday, October 29, 2010


after a big delay due to being sick, I am happy to share some fun pics from ART IS YOU Art Retreat

First and Foremost - thank you to Sal & Ellen for putting on another fabulous event
Thank you to my students for some amazing classes
Thank you to our friends new and old that make this such a special time for us


my friends Dorothy and Glinda
(better known as JANE and KECIA)

 I taught a mini-workshop called Cubic Collage

We all had fun playing with paper

absolute sweetheart Lesley Venable

one student's collage cubes

there were many fun mini-workshops to choose from
folks walked from table to table
my friend Di taught an adorable flower workshop
my hubby even sat down & made one for me :)

 don't you just love playing dress-up?

the fabulous BZ

LOVE this girl!  had such a great time with my friend Di
She was a huge help when I was setting up our displays

Mr Lesley hard at work :)

One of the workshops I taught was called "Almost Home"
I was so tickled to team-teach it with my mom and sister
It was wonderful to share this experience with them

students work in progress

we had a blast and the artwork created was really superb

last but not least
we must acknowledge the now INFAMOUS and BELOVED FLAMINGOS
we were lucky to be given one as we were getting ready to head home

preparing for a long drive

pit-stop for lunch
hubby had to stretch his legs w/ a quick race

getting closer

almost there

welcome home

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