Friday, October 1, 2010

I Wanna Play!

I am excited to participate in Flea Market Friday
hosted by Kecia Deveney of Lemoncholy's

Some of our finds go into our antiques shoppe
Some are added to our website and
Some are just mine o' mine :)

here are some of our recent treasures...
awesome old typewriter

adorable mother goose book - the illustrations are amazing

I just love this jug - especially the aqua paint!

vintage metal childs kitchen

old adding machine

I LOVE old luggage and picnic baskets

a cutie little shoe

chippy watering can and a tiny broken doll foot

I collect chalkware - this little lass was a recent gift

I also collect little dogs - look at that face

another new dog and a cool old Coffee container

I know, I many dogs does one girl need?
I couldn't resist - this guy is chalkware

gorgeous antique song book

now this little one isn't very new but I had to share her new attire
This is my fave find of the year - read the original post here
I was lucky enough to get a beautiful rosette gift from my friend Kecia when she taught at Art in the Rough in August.  I adore it.  When I wasn't looking she added it to my dollie - I LOVED IT!
then a few days ago I was sorting through some new junk we hauled in and I found this shabby wire lampshade.  It was tattered, faded and perfect for her little head

baubles, broken jewelry, buttons - lots of sorting to do!

sweetie pie 


  1. I enjoyed your blog. I grew up in Maine. =o)

  2. oh Taryn! thanks for playing - between you and me, i think we find the best stuff! next year, i'm coming a week early so that you can take me to an auction! and promise me your dollie lamp is going to me in your will (i know it's not your sisters style at all, wink wink!) glad she is still wearing her rosette and her new hat is simply divine!

    looking forward to seeing you soon. i picked out our pj's - we will be looking sharp!



  3. Beautiful post and pics... who is that cutie pie at the end? She is the sweetest! :) mercedes

  4. Taryn, I love all you've posted, but the cutie doll with rosette just gives me the giggles--with its bowtie dollie lamp headdress, it's adorable... :)


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