Sunday, May 1, 2011

the pantry project

over the long, cold Maine winter my hubby built me a new pantry...
it is a work in progress...
the shelving was built from old barnboards
I found the stark white walls, even in this small space, very boring so decided to add some fun
I decoupaged old baking recipes from a vintage book I had that was falling apart - it had wonderful graphics as well
I also had some beat up, but colorful, sugar and cornmeal sacks that were perfect for the whimsical farm look I was going for...a dash here & there of fabric, lace & trim and the space perked right up!
I needed a smaller shelf for spice jars and realized the perfect addition was the small type tray I had been kicking around for over a year trying to find the "perfect spot" - it has found its home and the green was a match made in heaven

I enjoyed every bit of this project but the really, really fun part has begun...scouring my treasures for small kitchen items, old tins and containers.
I was surprised with some beautiful pantry jars as gifts and I love them intermixed with canning jars & repurposed ones.  Simple labels were created on the computer or handwritten.
be creative when repurposing jars & containers but make sure they are clean & food safe!  I've taken giant pickle jars, cleaned throughly to get rid of the "pickle scent/flavor" and then wrapped in scrap fabric.  also try oatmeal or baking powder containers for dry goods (see photos above)

as I mentioned, it is definitely a work in progress - we will be adding screen doors, more storage containers for bulk goods and of course more food :)

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  1. Love the way you have everything sorted and stored, we must be sisters from another mother or how ever that line goes! I would love a pantry, that didn't have a laundry room with it...


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