Saturday, April 14, 2012

easy-squeezy whimsical planters

today I wanted to share a super simple planting project that is very inexpensive but super-cute

find a bunch of used shoes - I especially like to use baby shoes
my mom has used old boots on either side of her steps and they look great
you can even plant up high heels
one of my baby shoes freshly planted with baby succulents
fill your shoes with a good quality potting soil
and then have fun filling them with annuals and succulents!

You kind find used shoes at yard sales, Goodwill, Salvation Army, thrift shops, or sometimes even at the dump (if you have a "sharing" shed like we do).  The key is to find shoes that have a nice shape, pleasing color, etc - don't worry if they are worn & grubby
Photo: Courtesy Gary Bachman on
you can plant up a single shoe or a pair of shoes - you can even hang your shoe planter!
I saw someone plant up a 2 rows of shoes and boots and then lined them up on a plant stand - it was adorable
Photo: Courtesy Josh Mccullough on


  1. so adorable right? and they are so easy and cheap to make :)


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