Sunday, April 29, 2012

new projects

wooooo-eeeeeee!  its been busy around this farmhouse!
kinda out of breath...
we are opening our antiques shoppe for its 5th summer season
and hubby and I have been junking, thrifting, cleaning, dusting, fixing, pricing, setting up displays
we. are. tired.
but we love it - its always a big push for opening day and then we settle into the groove and have a blast

I will be happy when we open because I have a list of house projects a mile long once I can move onto them...besides the typical spring gardening push, we need to refresh our porches
few minor fixes, new paint, new look
sooo, I have been bopping about online looking for inspiring photos
love this one - the overhead light and the accessories - yum!
the ceiling color is pretty
simple and beautiful
would LOVE to renovate our porches to be larger and more useful like this one
light, bright & pretty

so what do you like best about a farmhouse porch?


  1. Question: So what do you like best about a farmhouse porch? Answer: I think it's the quality of the space that's interior and snugly but with a window out upon nature that's wide and open-ended as the the farmland fields that surround it.

    1. My #1 fav farmland porch of all time from the perspective I described is filmed in the first few moments of the most wonderful movie, The Searchers, from the 1950s starring John Wayne. To watch the first scene on youtube:

      Better yet, rent it and watch the whole heart felt drama.

      It still takes my breath away...


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